About Us

Our Story

Expedition Software Supply Co. was founded by a team of individuals that have been building software for their entire careers. We’ve built products for startups, worked on open source projects, and implemented large scale enterprise solutions.

While working at our last company together we witnessed first-hand the dramatic increase in the number of SaaS applications available to developers. With so many different applications to manage, one of the biggest challenges we ran into was how make sure everyone knew what products we were using, how to access them, and how to use them.

From things like deployment best practices to application settings, from identity resolution to developer training and onboarding, it was difficult to keep all of these things centralized using any of the existing solutions available to us. Knowing that these issues were only going to get more complicated in the future, we decided to build a solution.

Our Values


We believe it’s critical to be open and honest in our communication with each other, and with our customers.


We believe asking good questions is better than having all the answers.


We believe time is a precious asset. We aim to reduce noise, clutter, and distractions in both our work and personal lives.


We believe the best decisions are made at the intersection of diverse viewpoints.

Handmade in Dallas, TX

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