Built for the Way Developers Work


Get a Clear Picture of Your Workflow

Between coding, issue tracking, collaboration, testing, deployment, hosting, and performance monitoring you depend on a ton of different SaaS products. Use Expedition to help you to keep track of all the products you use everyday.

Point and click to quickly add your products and services.
Attach settings, instructions, and assign owners to all your products.
Subscribe to be notified about changes and updates made by others.
Easily identify duplicate or overlapping products & services.

Education and Training

Do you have a particular way your team does GitHub pull requests? What steps do you need to take to get a new instance monitored? Who manages shared email accounts and how do you create a new one? These days there are so many details to keep track of, let Expedition make remembering everything easier for you.

Publish high quality instructional guides using our rich editor.
Get a jump start on your content using Expedition's built-in template library.
Share guides with anyone in the organization with one click.

Get New Team Members Productive

On their first day, Expedition will guide new hires through obtaining credentials, setting up their dev environment, and committing code the way your whole team does.

Quickly setup developers with access to the software they need.
Customizable onboarding guides provide new hires with exactly the right information to get them going.
Notifications and alerts to make sure nothing gets missed.

Supercharge Your Workflow

Use our collection of 3rd party integrations to automate processes and improve visibility into your developer tools.

Fast and secure connections using native API’s and oAuth tokens.
Ability to sync both user accounts and data across services.
One click to remove access to products when people leave the team.

Focus on People

Using many different Saas products results in many different user accounts. Expedition can consolidate all your SaaS accounts in one place to help people find information not stored in the company directory.

Assign access to resources from across all your products such as GitHub repos, Heroku apps, Slack channels, and Trello boards.
Group user accounts from different SaaS products under a single profile.
Organize your users and products into teams based on their roles & responsibilities.